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It's something that every efficiency expert knows: mass production is the keystone of maximizing a budget. So what if you could effectively mass produce the floors of your high rise?

Before now, the natural construction variances that are a product of building several stories in the air made this impossible, but by creating every floor at ground level the TTG One Story High Rise System empowers you with greater control – maximizing the design efficiency of each floor. This enables mass production of all components with precise specifications unmatched by conventional construction practices.

But mass production in no way limits design flexibility. The TTG System can be utilized to create a high rise of virtually any height, size or shape and the TTG Curtain Wall System means that the exterior can be created with almost any material.  

Put simply, the TTG One Story High Rise System is the most efficient way to build a high rise in the world today. It's a revolutionary way to deliver excellence in construction – one story at a time.